I regularly find myself working with busy, stressed clients and who struggle to find optimal balance between the different elements of their life.  Regularly, I find myself reminding them that, if their battery is flat, they cannot power anyone else’s life.  They can’t provide the support their kids or their partner or their boss or […]

Stop what you’re doing.  Step away from the desk.  Open the door.  Go outside.  Breathe. Simple. So why aren’t you doing it? OK, you might be waiting for a client meeting.  Or the dentist.  Or facilitating that all-day off-site meeting. But assuming you’re sitting at your desk at home making your business run, with no […]

Sometimes, I doubt myself.  My confidence drains away and the fear gets a grip.  The downward spiral begins. Recently, this doubt has been about my “portfolio career”. I like having a mix of things that I do to earn a living (or that keep me occupied – not all of them pay).  But sometimes, especially […]

I had a “proper job” for 20 years.  By which I mean I was employed full time on a salary by an organisation.  During yet another organisational restructure and cost-saving programme, I decided it was time to leave.  Not just because I’d been through the cycle too many times and had lost faith in its […]