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Why putting yourself first matters

I regularly find myself working with busy, stressed clients and who struggle to find optimal balance between the different elements of their life.  Regularly, I find myself reminding them that, if their battery is flat, they cannot power anyone else’s life.  They can’t provide the support their kids or their partner or their boss or […]

What to do when the sun shines

Stop what you’re doing.  Step away from the desk.  Open the door.  Go outside.  Breathe. Simple. So why aren’t you doing it? OK, you might be waiting for a client meeting.  Or the dentist.  Or facilitating that all-day off-site meeting. But assuming you’re sitting at your desk at home making your business run, with no […]

Doing what you love despite the voice in your head

Sometimes, I doubt myself.  My confidence drains away and the fear gets a grip.  The downward spiral begins. Recently, this doubt has been about my “portfolio career”. I like having a mix of things that I do to earn a living (or that keep me occupied – not all of them pay).  But sometimes, especially […]

Going it alone

I had a “proper job” for 20 years.  By which I mean I was employed full time on a salary by an organisation.  During yet another organisational restructure and cost-saving programme, I decided it was time to leave.  Not just because I’d been through the cycle too many times and had lost faith in its […]