What to do when the sun shines

Stop what you’re doing.  Step away from the desk.  Open the door.  Go outside.  Breathe.


So why aren’t you doing it?

OK, you might be waiting for a client meeting.  Or the dentist.  Or facilitating that all-day off-site meeting.

But assuming you’re sitting at your desk at home making your business run, with no particularly pressing deadlines, what’s stopping you?

It’s a recurring question for me.  Why aren’t I out there enjoying the sunshine, taking a walk, refreshing and revigorating myself, and making the most of the fact that I work for myself and sometimes I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE?

Because you can get sucked into working every minute of the day when you work for yourself just as easily as when someone else is paying you a salary.  Sometimes more easily, since it’s your business and it won’t succeed without you.  And you care about it.  A lot.

But it won’t succeed with you, if you’re burnt out, or stressed, or stuck in a rut with your thinking.

And surely part of the point of working for yourself is the upside of being able to take a couple of hours off in the middle of the afternoon, not least to compensate for slogging away on that client proposal in the middle of the night?

So give yourself a break.  You have the time, the autonomy, the freedom, to enjoy the world around you.   Appreciate it.


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